About us

The O2 Rentals brand aims to supply products and services of a higher quality than regularly seen in the current entertainment industry. All of our products employ our vision of being extremely functional as well as luxurious.

Customers have become used to sub-par service and quality whether it be for their washrooms, dressing rooms etc. As a sister company to Rent-A-Amp, Standby Power, Unlimited Power Tools and O2 Park, we strive to provide the same high quality standards that each of these companies have set.

With that in mind, we looked at the industry and recognized a need to raise the bar in several areas. In all of our products you will find unique features and design, having experience in the entertainment industry we are able to foresee the customers needs and concerns. As a result, we have a product line that is both diverse and affordable. Call us for more information and download our brochure using the link at the bottom of the page.

What We Offer

Our Items are never before seen in Trinidad. Everything has been spec'd out to the highest, in functionality, convenience and luxury, we can deliver a unique experience to your next event. Call us today to have one of our friendly staff to help match one of our products to your requirements.

Where We Deliver

With expert operators for our equipment and technical support, we can ensure your event is a success. Combined with our sister companies like Standby Power to supply us with power, or Unlimited Power Tools to fufill our transport needs, we are a diverse group ready to take on any challenges our customers face.